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Assembly drawing

Assembly drawing enables the production of plans containing the reference points required for assembly in the plant or at the worksite. With these plans, Acier Marquis is able to provide adequate documentation to its clients and to offer attractive technical and financial choices, given the company's expertise. Every effort is made to provide the best possible service consistent with costs, schedules and technical requirements.


Our assembly drawing service contains an elaborate system of documentation which enables easy identification of the parts produced. By ensuring that every part required for assembly is correctly identified, Acier Marquis contributes to flexible assembly whether in the plant or at the worksite, depending on the nature of your project. By providing precise and proper documentation, every effort is made to offer you impeccable service which takes into account the requirements of each project. Acier Marquis works jointly with its clients to ensure the success of their company.

A choice among several options

Given the great number of projects it has carried out, Acier Marquis has solid experience which enables the company to offer technical and financial solutions which are to your advantage during the assembly development of your steel parts and structures. Our team is present at every moment to guide you in the important choices that will ensure the success of your project. By making efficient decisions at the time of developing the plans, Acier Marquis is able to make the necessary modifications in order for the assembly of your steel structures to be carried out with great precision.

Timeliness and technical requirements

By closely monitoring each step required for assembly, Acier Marquis ensures its clientele à quick response in order to understand the requirements specific to each project. Our qualified personnel is capable of demonstrating initiative and collecting relevant information from our clientele, even before production, in order to respect your projects' schedules and technical requirements. Acier Marquis thus ensures better cost management for you, contributing to the success of your project.