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Acier Marquis provides precisely cut parts, according to your specifications and within your timeframe. Two types of plate cutting are offered: plasma and flame cutting.

Specialized equipment

Acier Marquis relies on equipment well known for its precision and reliability. The company has a 360 amp HD plasma cutting table and 10 ft x 24 ft fire, a band saw, a 6 in x 6 in x ½ in Angle Line saw and robotized HD plasma cutting 3D system with transfer arm at the input and output. Acier Marquis can also offer linear section cutting up to 50 in wide by 60 ft in length. The company also has ½ ft x 10 ft shears.

High performance

Acier Marquis makes every effort to ensure quick and efficient production in order to ensure the success of your project. Thanks to the robotized HD plasma cutting 3D system with transfer arm, Acier Marquis can maximize the use of the equipment. The flexibility, accuracy and speed that are offered by robotized cutting means less handling and thus a significant increase in productivity. Acier Marquis can thus ensure greater production while keeping to schedule for projects to be carried out.



Plasma cutting

For steels whether alloy or not, plasma cutting constitutes a winning process. This method was initially created to meet the temperature needs of metals which could not be cut with oxygen. It was based on the combination of two gases (a plasmagenic and a secondary) and it may be used on all materials which conduct electricity.

The success of that metal cutting technique is supported by the right choice of gases used. Thus, by choosing Acier Marquis, you ensure that the best results are achieved because its specialized employees are properly trained to carry out plasma cutting according to the industry's highest standards.

Laser cutting

For metal parts and structures, laser cutting stands out because of its speed of execution and great precision. Able to rely on a business partner with recognized skills, Acier Marquis can deliver metallic parts of several thicknesses and with numerous types of cutting - depending on the project and the metal used. This cutting-edge technology offers clean contours, even in a process of mass production.

Moreover, laser cutting offers perfect reproduction of metal parts as well as engraving. The creation of both simple and complex shapes is also possible.

Water-jet cutting

Water-jet cutting constitutes one of the best solutions, if not the best, in order to avoid temperature deformations. Capable of cutting thick materials, this technology produces a significant variety of unique parts in a short timeframe. At the same time, water-jet cutting can be applied to composites, one of the limitations of laser cutting.

The water-jet cutting service offered by Acier Marquis helps you make real savings on costs. In fact, this cutting-edge technology reduces waste to a minimum, when expensive materials are being used.

Oxygen cutting

Done with a pure oxygen jet, oxygen cutting is carried out in a localized fashion and at the highest temperatures. The success of this technique depends greatly on controlling the flame and metal cutting can either be manual or automated. The Acier Marquis personnel have extensive oxygen cutting experience in order for you to take advantage of the best product at the most competitive prices.

This cutting technology is used most often on low-alloyed steels which are very thick.