30 years of expertise, at your service.

Structures and parts

Acier Marquis works in partnership with its clients to produce steel parts and structures as well as wrought metals made of steel, which meet the standards of the industry as well as pre-established plans and specifications. Relying on the expertise of a team experienced in the manufacturing of parts and assemblies based on plates and linear sections, Acier Marquis has the advantage too of a team working two shifts, to enable flexibility in its production.

State-of-the-art plant

Acier Marquis has a 31,000 ft² plant on 500,000 ft² of land with a lifting capacity of 40 tons. The company is able to carry out large projects and produce assemblies and sub-assemblies of parts in a coordinated fashion and on time. Thanks to its state-of-the-art plant, Acier Marquis is well positioned to meet the technical requirements of your projects, whether or not they require huge areas.

Increased production

Acier Marquis can rely on an operation having two work shifts, thus offering production flexibility in the manufacturing of your steel parts and structures. The company is thus able to offer reliability in its operations and the expected deadlines for the completion of your projects. Moreover, the Acier Marquis personnel have the experience required for the manufacturing of parts and assemblies whether based on plates or linear sections.


Acier Marquis gives its clients the opportunity to monitor the entire documentation listing the procedures and forms covering the various spheres of activity, from designing to manufacturing, thus ensuring transparency and constant communication for its clientele as each process moves forward. The company is also careful to ensure a work environment which respects occupational health and safety standards, the environment and employee well-being. Acier Marquis works in partnership with its clientele and implements essential measures in order to stand behind this philosophy.

Structures and parts