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Acier Marquis offers a hot galvanizing service, which gives high resistance to metal constructions over time. This high-technology protection process means minimum maintenance of your surfaces due to the durability of galvanized steel. Taking advantage of the support of a trusted subcontractor and respecting the highest technical requirements, Acier Marquis is able to manage large galvanizing volumes and to offer competitive prices to its clientele.

Simple and heavy duty

Hot galvanizing involves a metallurgical bond of zinc and steel produced in a plant under controlled conditions. That process, simple in nature, produces excellent anticorrosive resistance, enabling molecular adhesion between the two metals in addition to cathodic protection. Acier Marquis uses standards and processes according to the hot galvanizing specifications issued by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

This process makes for significant savings since it has extraordinary endurance. Offering complete protection and unparalleled resistance against shocks, hot galvanizing is compatible, reliable, and has real aesthetic qualities.

Sustainable protection

Acier Marquis offers complete support to its clientele in the carrying out of its projects. The company offers a hot galvanizing service providing protection for your manufactured steel parts and structures over a very long period. By the use of state-of-the-art techniques, your metallic constructions are protected and require minimum maintenance due to the durability of galvanized steel. Your manufactured steel products are thus protected from corrosion and offer high resistance.

The highest standards

By choosing Acier Marquis, you can be sure that the highest technical requirements will be met and the pre-established specifications respected. Also, by using the hot galvanizing process for your equipment, you know the useful life of the protection that you apply and you have all the relevant information to make informed decisions. Acier Marquis wishes to offer quality protection in order to guarantee the success of your projects throughout the entire manufacturing process of your steel parts and structures.

Vast production

Having established a partnership with a trusted hot galvanizing company, Acier Marquis can guarantee a very high volume of daily treatment. Moreover, the company proposes very competitive prices due to its high galvanizing volume. Steel parts are inspected by specialized teams in order to guarantee the work done on your equipment. The company is mindful of every detail in order to satisfy the technical requirements of each project.