30 years of expertise, at your service.


The drafting service includes the manufacturing drawings, drawings of part packages and installation drawings for the various mandates entrusted to Acier Marquis. The operating software used by Acier Marquis professionals enables the computer-assisted conceptualization of parts, thereby ensuring consistent quality throughout the design process. This tool makes it possible to precisely visualize and validate the result that you will reach throughout the project.

The highest levels of precision

Thanks to an experienced team, you have access to detailed plans within a timeframe that keeps to arranged schedules. The drawings are presented to you from the start for validation and the adjustments are made throughout the project in order to ensure precision in the work carried out. Drawings and specifications are presented in order to enable exact visualization of the final result that you can expect. Acier Marquis favours a partnership with its clientele in order to ensure that the manufacturing of steel parts is compliant with predetermined specifications.

Highly qualified personnel

Our teams are composed of designers with advanced technical knowledge. Everything is therefore implemented in order to ensure that the conceptualization of steel structures which are part of your projects is impeccably executed. Indeed, Acier Marquis personnel adapt to your needs to ensure the success of your projects. Regardless of the challenge, our teams responsible for the drafting of steel parts will know how to suggest the right solutions.

Cutting-edge technology

Acier Marquis uses AutoCAD, one of the best conceptualization tools presently on the market, which makes it possible to design specifications and plans with great precision for the manufacturing of steel parts and structures. Using SolidWorks, Acier Marquis is able to present 3D drawings of the parts and assemblies required for completion of your project. The precision of those drawings enables you to make the required adjustments to specifications and plans at each stage of conceptualization, thus ensuring great accuracy during manufacturing.