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The assembly, surface preparation and the application of paint can be carried out under the same roof, thanks to our 20 ft x 120 ft painting room, which contains 2 overhead cranes. In order to protect the equipment parts delivered to its clients, Acier Marquis ensures the quality of handling and packaging during the transportation of metallic parts. The paint offers sustainable protection to industrial parts and our company is able to apply various types of coating such as: primer, epoxy, polyurethane, zinc painting and high-temperature resistant paint. The company's painting room is also available for rental to its clientele.

Industrial protection

With regard to industrial painting, as for all its services, Acier Marquis does not leave anything to chance. We have highly qualified personnel to accomplish your project and they will use the best products on the market. For this reason Acier Marquis can promise you durable coating and long-term protection of your metal structures and equipment.

The painting process, in fact, plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of parts, regardless of the surface. The anticorrosive industrial protection thus protects your equipment against atmospheric effects, among other things. Moreover, high quality industrial paint applied according to the best techniques will have an ecological impact since it will not have to be replaced quickly.

Exceptional service

Through its complete service, Acier Marquis enables you to make real savings in carrying out of your projects. In fact, since everything is done at the plant, the delays and costs linked to the relocating of your metallic parts and structures are reduced. Moreover, this service ensures the superior quality of your equipment parts since risks of damaging your steel parts are eliminated since we avoid handling them needlessly.

Wide range of products

Acier Marquis has the expertise required for the application of painting finishes on various steel parts and structures. Acier Marquis is able to apply the following types of coating: primer, epoxy, polyurethane, zinc painting and high-temperature resistant paint. Acier Marquis qualified personnel are able to offer you the guidance required in the choice of the proper coating. By offering an array of services, Acier Marquis ensures that the various needs of its clientele can be met by being an integral part of its successful productions.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Having a 20 ft x 120 ft painting room with 2 overhead cranes, Acier Marquis can meet your paint finishing needs. The company's painting room is also made available for rental to its clientele in order to ensure that it can use the space and apply the proper coating for its ongoing project.

Acier Marquis also ensures that your steel parts and structures are efficiently protected during handling and packaging in order to protect the painting during the transportation of your equipment.