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Acier Marquis offers a surface preparation service according to SSPC standards while respecting the environment. The sand used is recovered and treated in order to eliminate heavy materials and then it is recycled. Sandblasting makes possible the elimination of impurities in order for the parts to be free from grease, rust, etc., so as to offer optimal adherence and ensure high quality coating. Moreover, Acier Marquis has equipment for the sanding of large parts.

Concern for the environment

Surface preparation constitutes an important stage during the finishing of steel parts and structures. Acier Marquis prepares your surfaces according to SSPC standards and with respect for the environment. The sand used during sandblasting is recovered and treated in order to eliminate heavy metals and can then be reused without danger. The products used by Acier Marquis during sandblast finishing work are safe for the personnel and respectful of the environment.

Winning conditions

Acier Marquis is concerned to offer complete, reliable and superior quality service. For this reason, the company has the required installations for sandblasting large parts. With its vast plant, Acier Marquis has the space required to handle your large projects, enabling you to monitor each step of design, production and finishing. Qualified personnel are present to assist you and ensure quality finishing work.

The highest quality

The finishing stage is crucial to guarantee success in the production of your steel part and structure assemblies. Acier Marquis prepares the parts so that they are free from grease, rust and any other irregularities in order to guarantee great quality coating. Our teams conduct thorough verifications during surface preparation to carry out efficient sandblasting that respects the industry's highest standards.

Sanding available according to SSPC standards

Brush Off SSPC-SP7: Brush-Off Blast

Brush-off blast in order to remove only rust, calamine and chipped paint.

Commercial SSPC-SP6

Generally there are traces of discolouration caused by rust, calamine or previous coats of paint that remain on roughly 33% of the surface. It is this surface preparation that is most commonly used in workshop.

Near White SSPC-SP10: Near White Blast

No trace of oil, grease, dirt, dust, calamine, rust or paint. Generally, traces of discolouration caused by the impurities listed above remain on roughly 5% of the surface.

White SSPC-SP5: White Metal Blast

When the surface is examined, there should be no trace of oil, grease, dirt, dust, calamine, rust or paint. The surface is uniform and its colour is grey white.