30 years of expertise, at your service.


Acier Marquis carries out its own deliveries in Québec and has its own fleet of trucks and trailers, thus reducing its costs and delays linked to those issues. The company relies on dependable equipment which provides flexibility in supply and less handling, offering the possibility of loading directly on its trailers. Acier Marquis carefully delivers your equipment and respects your timeline in order to guarantee the proper operations of your projects and to reduce production costs.

Highly efficient vehicles

The Acier Marquis fleet of vehicles relies on heavy trucks, a flatbed trailer, a low-clearance trailer, a 1 t truck and a 24 ft fifth wheel trailer. This equipment enables the company to be autonomous and to be able to assist you by maximizing resources. Having its own vehicles, Acier Marquis relies on dependable equipment, resulting in greater operational flexibility.

The shortest delivery delays

Acier Marquis can guarantee excellent delivery times and short timeframes. The company has its own fleet of vehicles and does not depend on third-party agents for delivery. Being able to carry out its own deliveries everywhere in Québec, the company can significantly reduce its costs while ensuring its clientele impeccable service. Acier Marquis has dependable equipment and enables you to reduce the handling of your parts and structures by offering you the possibility of loading directly on its trailers.

In the service of client success

By offering you all the services in the same location, from the design of your project to the very last stages, Acier Marquis shares in the success of your projects and by assuming its own deliveries everywhere in Québec, Acier Marquis promises efficiency. With a full fleet of vehicles ranging from heavy trucks to flatbed trailers, the company offers to significantly reduce the delays related to the handling and shipping of your manufactured steel products. The deliveries are carefully and quickly carried out in order to reduce the costs and maintain your timeline.