30 years of expertise, at your service.


Acier Marquis is able to carry out certified welding work to meet the requirements of its clientele. Depending on the technical requirements of the desired part and finish, the Acier Marquis experts weld with TIG or MIG for steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The company also has a 500 ampere MIG robotized cell. Acier Marquis ensures that its clientele is offered reliable welding which is compliant with the industry's highest standards.

The best expertise

At the welding stage, as for all its other activities, Acier Marquis reaches the industry's highest standards and meets the requirements of your projects. Using welding techniques mastered by our experts, you are ensured that welding is reliable without undercutting, overlapping, projections or cracks in the crater, and where the weld bead size and welding angle are adequate. Acier Marquis provides certified work which guarantees the highest quality to its clientele.

Cutting-edge equipment

Operating with fixed welding stations including 5S panels, in addition to mobile welding stations, Acier Marquis handles the following welding processes: Metal Core, Flux Core and TIG. All the required equipment is implemented in order to ensure the quality of work and worker safety. Moreover, Acier Marquis welders are equipped with a helmet fitted with a respiratory protection system and a ventilation unit.

Real advantages

Acier Marquis has acquired extensive expertise since 1986. The company handles with ease various welding techniques and has external firms conduct visual, magnetic and ultrasound inspections, depending on the steel parts and structures to be monitored in order to guarantee quality, reliability and the maintaining of pre-established technical requirements. Each component is inspected to ensure the success of your project when it is carried out. Acier Marquis ensures that the needs of your project are uppermost at all times in order to guarantee your success.

Welding certification

Our calibrated equipment and our welders CWB 47.1 (steel) certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) ensure consistent quality for your welded assemblies, whether your criteria involve look, precision or resistance. Our welding jigs are designed by our engineering team and manufactured in our workshops, enabling us to optimize and control the process to the maximum.

In addition, since we have CWB 47.1 certification, our teams include the appropriate number of welding supervisors, and all our welders must have passed the qualification tests required by the Canadian Welding Bureau.

MIG welding

Acier Marquis proudly recommends its MIG welding service which enables the manufacturing of very high quality steel parts and structures. The MIG welding technique, which offers time saving, contributes to both great joint quality and high productivity in material.

At Acier Marquis, all MIG welding activities are carried out in an environment where inert gas levels are perfectly maintained, one of the winning conditions for the success of this metal welding method. The company can also rely on its highly trained employees to offer the best its clientele the best of finished products.

TIG welding

Providing a very high quality look, the TIG welding process (based upon arc welding with a non-fusible electrode) may be used on most metals. Moreover, the torch used in this technique enables welding in locations which are less accessible by other processes.

The Acier Marquis teams resort to TIG welding for specific work in which the finished look is of prime importance, or when it requires a more complicated position. This process can be applied to metal with many thicknesses.