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Thanks to the digital lathes and the CNC and manual machining centres which are at the disposal of its subcontractors, Acier Marquis has become an expert in the machining of small and large parts. In fact, the machining of parts of all sizes is now possible. Acier Marquis may also rely on other equipment from partners, including turning machines.

Cutting-edge execution

Acier Marquis can take charge of the machining of small and large parts with the same accuracy, since its subcontractors have high-precision equipment. Now able to take advantage of subcontracted machining centres, Acier Marquis has expanded its available options, and its clientele can order parts of all sizes in small or large lots. Using specialized equipment, Acier Marquis subcontractors can process large numbers of small parts with various complexities.

An offer made to measure

By calling upon Acier Marquis for the machining of your steel parts, you reduce your production load since you leave to our company the responsibility of managing the machining of the parts required for your project. Acier Marquis is able to quickly take charge of a great volume of parts while respecting the required characteristics and according to pre-established specifications. Acier Marquis acts as a partner during the machining of your steel parts and structures, thus enabling you to ensure the proper management of your operations. Relying on its network of subcontractors, Acier Marquis can now offer small and large machined parts, in small and large lots.

Winning conditions

As a result, for the machining of your steel parts and structures, Acier Marquis relies on a major network of subcontractors capable of machining parts of various sizes and quantities on digital and conventional production equipment. Acier Marquis offers you the flexibility required for the production of your steel parts and structures in order to meet the technical requirements and respect the schedules of your projects. Thanks to the expertise of its subcontracting partners, Acier Marquis is able to supply various steel parts and structures, whether in small or large lots.