30 years of expertise, at your service.


Acier Marquis relies on an experienced team whose expertise is at your disposal in order to ensure the efficient execution of your small and large projects by keeping to the established manufacturing parameters. Moreover, it offers to work in partnership with its clientele to deliver steel products which are compliant with the mandates entrusted to it. Drawing from its solid experience based on the many projects it has carried out, the company offers you a range of products from metal frameworks to steel or aluminum structures and parts with various finishes.

From project to success

Acier Marquis has the expertise required for developing small and large projects. The company offers a wide range of products, including metal frameworks, steel or aluminum structures and the manufacturing of steel parts or wrought metals offered in a variety of finishes. Nurturing partnerships with its clientele, Acier Marquis assists you at each step, whether it is the manufacturing of small parts requiring great precision or projects involving complex and elaborate structures.

Cutting-edge equipment

Acier Marquis relies on cutting-edge equipment for the design of metallic parts and structures which are necessary for your projects. Powerful software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Graitec and Tekla is at your disposal in order to produce manufacturing and assembly drawings whose accuracy will guarantee reliable production and precise assembly. Qualified, proactive personnel, who are highly specialized, are present at each step and guide you in carrying out the design of your projects.

An experienced team

Acier Marquis has been handling engineering projects since 1986 and relies on an experienced management team, which is able to provide reliable and quality support. In order to respond to a clientele with diverse needs, Acier Marquis has always stood out in its reliability, its flexibility and the quality of its products. Having carried out numerous small and large projects, the company is able to meet the needs of a demanding clientele with very precise requirements.