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Acier Marquis has precision drilling equipment which can accurately make the openings required for the erection of steel structures and metallic constructions. Drilling equipment such as the Iron Worker punch press (75 t), the drill press and the magnetic drill are selected based upon the parts requested according to their diameter, thickness and size. Acier Marquis has the equipment required for series drilling as well as mobile equipment for the drilling of large parts.

State-of-the-art execution

The drilling equipment used by Acier Marquis is selected based upon the size and thickness of the part and the diameter required to meet the specifications and plans of your project. With the use of fixed equipment, Acier Marquis carries out the series drilling of small parts. The company also has mobile equipment required for drilling parts with large dimensions. The company can ultimately rely on a quality management team which ensures the systematic verification of precision, location and dimension for the required holes on steel parts.

The best equipment

Acier Marquis can accurately make the openings required for the realization of steel structures and metallic constructions, boasting drilling equipment among the most efficient in its category. Its drilling equipment fleet includes the high-performance 75 t IronWorker punch press. The company also has a drill press and a magnetic drill able to conduct precision drilling operations which meet the technical requirements of your projects.

Highly qualified personnel

Thanks to the expertise of its workers, able to manipulate highly specialized equipment, Acier Marquis is able to offer quality drilling, which meets a variety of needs and technical requirements. The company is able to produce parts of any size with precision while respecting the requested sizes. And by acting as a partner in completion of your projects, Acier Marquis takes part in your success.