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biomass boiler

Used to reduce carbon emissions, it produces heat via wood waste combustion.

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Used to reduce carbon emissions, it produces heat via wood waste combustion. Biomass is a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source that shows it is possible to significantly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Biomass is a tremendous opportunity for the industry to take control of energy production costs and environmental impacts.

With the ever-rising cost of fossil fuels and concern about the environmental impact of our growing energy consumption, energy from biomass is being recognized as the cornerstone of a strong future in the production of renewable energy.

Energy efficiency at your fingertips with wood boiler

Partners with an engineering firm since 1986, Acier Marquis manufactures and paints:

  • reserve systems (rakes, anchorages, spreading screws, etc.)
  • supply and ash removal systems (chain conveyors, screws, chutes)
  • combustion chambers
  • hoppers, rams, stacks, supports, guillotines, dust collectors
  • ductwork (including insulation and cladding)
  • walkways, railings, caged ladders
  • tanks

Different steps: manufacturing, mechanical assembly, shop testing, insulation, installation of cladding, painting.

biomass boiler